Enrollment and Marketing Webinars for School Leaders

Continuing your professional development is important for admissions and marketing leaders of private, independent and faith-based schools. While you may choose to attend a conference like the AISAP Summer Institute or the Enrollment Management Association’s Annual Conference, there are many resources to help you continue to learn and grow in your profession.

This past Spring, I co-hosted a nine webinar series with the team from North Star Marketing. These webinars are available in a recorded format in case you missed any of the live presentations.

Enrollment and Marketing Strategies in Uncertain Times – A year ago, the world shut down because of the pandemic. We have had to adjust our enrollment and marketing strategies in these uncertain times. As we look toward the future, it is critical for us to continue to implement enrollment and marketing strategies that make a difference at your school. Presented by Rick Newberry, Enrollment Catalyst, and Andy Lynch, North Star Marketing.

Think Outcomes, Not Deadlines: Using the Principles of Prioritization to Help Your Team Get Focused – That list of marketing projects on your whiteboard — how do you determine which ones to work on next? Which ones to fund? Perhaps a better question is how do you know if you’ve even got the right initiatives on the board? In this talk, we’ll discuss a framework that will help your team prioritize activities and investments by outcomes, not just deadlines. Presented by North Star Marketing team members: Kaleen Goodeill and Andy Lynch.

Leading with Lead Goals: A Practical Strategic Framework that makes Overwhelming Enrollment Goals More Doable – You know you want to grow your school’s enrollment. But HOW do you do it? There are a million different strategies you might consider, but which strategies are right for your school? If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by enrollment goals or by trying to choose the right enrollment strategies for your team, this presentation is for you. Rudi Gesch has honed his approach to enrollment and marketing over 15 years in private schools, most recently partnering with Enrollment Catalyst and North Star Marketing to turn around the enrollment at Eastern Christian School. Presented by Rudi Gesch, Eastern Christian School.

Solving for Search and Social: Online Campaigns that Generate Leads – If you’ve been considering ramping up your digital advertising game, or if you’re spending money online but not seeing a tangible return, you’ll want to tune in for this talk. We’ll provide an overview of the major categories of digital marketing, help you understand which channels work best, and give you some pointers on how to track results. Presented by North Star Marketing team members: Clark Morgan and Laura Eisenga.

Inspiring Your Community to Keep Your Families Enrolled – Are you concerned about retention? Is your entire school community focused on keeping your current families enrolled? During this webinar, we will discuss effective strategies that you can implement throughout your entire school community to keep your families enrolled. Presented by Rick Newberry.

Awareness to Advocacy: Helping Prospective Parents Navigate the Buyer Journey – As families evaluate education options, they move through sequenced phases called “the buyer journey.” As they step through each phase — Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Evaluation, and Advocacy — their interests, questions, and objectives evolve. In this conversation, we’ll explore how your team can anticipate key inflection points in the buyer journey and align your marketing to keep families moving forward. Presented by North Star Marketing team members: Kyle Saverance and Andy Lynch.

Marketing Affordability to Break Through the Price Barrier – Your tuition price is the greatest barrier for prospective parents to consider your school. Most often, schools list their tuition prices and hope that parents will inquire and visit. However, it is critical that we market the affordability of our school. During this webinar, we will discuss Variable Tuition and other models to market the affordability of your school. Presented by Rick Newberry.

Transforming Your Website to Convert Suspects to Prospects – Is your website making it easy for prospective parents to get the information they need to keep moving forward? In this talk, we’ll explore the difference between an informational school site and an action-oriented website. We’ll also help you identify several possibilities for website improvement projects over the summer. Presented by North Star Marketing team members: Micah Fox and Michael Dechane.

Parents as Ambassadors, Advocates and Word of Mouth Marketers – Word of mouth is the number one way that parents discover your school. We all know this to be true, yet we do so little to inspire more word of mouth from our current parents. During this webinar, we will discuss the nine drivers of word of mouth and consider how you can utilize your parents as ambassadors and advocates in your community. Presented by Rick Newberry.

Also, you will find several other webinars that were presented in recent years that are available on my Enrollment Catalyst website that may interest you:

Finally, my most recent e-Book, 9 Drivers of Word of Mouth, is also available on my website for you to download.

Stay tuned for future announcements for a new webinar series. And, as always, let me know if there is anything I can do for you and your school.