Private School Marketing and Enrollment Plans

Growing enrollment is a universal challenge for independent, private, and faith-based schools. From recruiting new families to the retention of current students, it is a continual process that requires intentional planning. That’s where Enrollment Catalyst comes in.

We partner with you to develop a marketing and enrollment plan that is tailored to meet your school’s specific goals and designed to help you connect with your target families. Starting with a comprehensive assessment of your current processes, programs, and strategies, we move you toward implementation of a strategic marketing and enrollment plan for your school.

Our three-phase planning process includes the following steps:

Phase One: Review
Enrollment Catalyst will start by reviewing the existing data, reports, and materials that pertain to enrollment, marketing, and communications.

Phase Two: Analysis
Enrollment Catalyst will spend two days on site at your school to probe deeper into the marketing and enrollment strategies and processes utilized by staff. Extensive time is spent with the school’s leadership team, admissions director, and/or marketing director to fully understand the current challenges and future goals. In addition, a parent satisfaction and marketing survey is conducted to provide further insight and perspectives from your primary customers.

Phase Three: Planning
Based on the review, site visit, and parent survey, a written report is provided to the school. This includes an assessment for school leadership and a strategic marketing and enrollment plan. A one-day consultation and planning visit is included to discuss the plan in detail, as well as to outline steps for implementation.

After the completion of phase three, you will have the roadmap in hand to implement a strategic marketing and enrollment plan for your school.

Enrollment Catalyst can also provide weekly coaching to assist you throughout the implementation process. Many schools find that this additional support is helpful for staying accountable to the plan and focused on reaching both short- and long-term goals.

Ready to Get Started?
Interested in discussing the development of a strategic marketing and enrollment plan for you and your school? Rick Newberry of Enrollment Catalyst can answer your questions. Give us a call at 727.647.0378 or request more information today.