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Focus + Communicate

Three years ago the leadership of Mount Pisgah Christian School in John’s Creek, GA, decided to focus on growing the upper school enrollment. Since the launch of the upper school program in 2000, the enrollment had grown steady until it hit a bump in the road in 2006. Because of this dip, the leadership took notice […]

Red and Yellow Make Orange

Five years ago Orangewood Christian School, located in Maitland, FL, was struggling with its brand identity and enrollment. In 2004 the total enrollment at the school was 540 students. At that time, the board hired a new head of school, LuAnne Schendel. She brought a focus on improving the academic quality and she devoted her time […]

OUTstanding Story of Success

Founded in 1924 on the sands of Siesta Key, The Out-of-Door Academy ( is one of the oldest independent day schools in Florida. I recently had a conversation with Dennis Chapman, director of advancement, about their enrollment success. Their success can be attributed to the following:

School Growth During the Recession

Earlier this week I co-led a workshop at the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) Conference with Rebecca Williams, Director of Marketing at Mount Pisgah Christian School in John’s Creek, GA. We examined three case studies of schools that experienced growth during the recession.