Targeted Enrollment Growth Strategies

Looking for Targeted Enrollment Marketing Assistance Within Your School’s Budget?

Dr. Rick Newberry, CEO. of Enrollment Catalyst

In addition to our signature Enrollment Catalyst Programs, we offer specific consulting solutions that focus on key areas of your school’s enrollment marketing effort. Customizable programs can be conducted virtually or on campus and include a comprehensive report and presentation.

Building Trust Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Inspire your parents to tell their story and reach friends in the community. Receive everything you need to develop and implement your word-of-mouth marketing plan through an intentional parent ambassador network, a core strategy you can implement to utilize your parents to effectively reach your community and grow your school’s enrollment.

Solution includes:
  • 13 recorded lessons and training videos led by Dr. Rick Newberry
  • Bonus content added in the future
  • Membership section to view lessons and materials
  • Step-by-step guide to implementing your program
  • Materials to prepare for your program launch
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Opportunity for a bonus Net Promoter Score Survey
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Optimizing the School Shopping Experience for Prospective Parents

Find out how to keep more interested families on your website and encourage greater inquiry and tour requests. Enrollment Catalyst will provide your school with an objective assessment of your prospective parent’s online experience through our  Online Secret Shopper Program.

Solution includes:
  • Details about what the prospective parent experiences during the online shopping process with your school as well as that of your top five competitors
  • Objective evaluation of the prospective family journey on your school’s website – as well as your competitors’ – as families navigate the site, download content, and inquire
  • Insights into what prospective parent receive when they complete an online inquiry form from your school, as well as that of your top five competitors
  • Action plan to improve your online process and customer journey for prospective parents based on a comprehensive review of your school and your primary competitors
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Enhancing Processes, Logistics & Communications

Looking to fine-tune your school tour and campus visit experience for prospective families? With this custom solution, you’ll gain insights into proven strategies for improving this critical touchpoint in the family journey before, during, and after a visit.

Solution includes:
  • Review of campus visit/tour registration process 
  • Pre-visit/tour logistics evaluation
  • Pre- and post-visit/tour communications assessment
  • Experience evaluation for campus tours, including arrival, parking, signage, office location and environment, personal interactions with staff, flow/format of visit, etc.
  • Review of personal tours conducted by each staff member
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Assessing & Refining for Improved Alignment

Interested in creating an efficient, transparent, and student-centric admissions process that aligns with your school’s mission and values? By analyzing current practices, we aim to identify opportunities for improvement and implement strategies that attract and enroll best-fit students.

Solution includes:
  • Detailed analysis of the current admissions process, including inquiry generation, lead nurturing, campus visits, open houses, application, notification, wait pools, and onboarding
  • Development of a right-fit family model
  • Streamline of the admissions process for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recommendation of strategies that align with your school’s goals and values
  • Staff training on the best practices in admissions and enrollment management
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Perfecting Processes to Keep Families Enrolled

Could your school benefit from a comprehensive assessment and enhancement of your student retention process and strategy? Our approach is data-driven and student-centered, focusing on identifying key factors that influence student retention and developing tailored strategies to address these factors effectively.

Solution includes:
  • Review of retention issues affecting enrollment
  • Thorough assessment of the current retention processes and strategies
  • Identification of the key drivers of student retention and attrition specific to the private school environment
  • Development and implementation of customized strategies to improve student retention
  • Collection of customized retention research in the form of surveys and focus groups to better understand the issues affecting continued enrollment
  • Training and support for staff in implementing retention strategies
  • Creation of a framework for ongoing evaluation and improvement of retention efforts
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Collecting Qualitative & Quantitative Feedback for Improvement

Research by using surveys is a critical component of your annual enrollment and marketing plan, yet it’s difficult to develop your own survey tool or find a complete package to meet your needs. At Enrollment Catalyst, we’ve been conducting surveys and gathering insights from key groups for more than the past decade. With this solution, we’ll compile survey insights and data into Excel and PDF files, which you can distribute to your school’s leadership team. Custom and multiple survey options are available.

Solution includes one or more of the following:
  • New Parent Survey
  • Net Promoter Score Survey
  • Parent Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Exit Survey
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Developing & Implementing a Plan to Enhance Affordability

Discover how to make education more accessible and reflective of each family’s financial situation with a sliding-scale approach to tuition. Our program offers comprehensive guidance through every step of a school’s transition to variable tuition, ensuring the model aligns with your school’s financial health, community values, and educational mission.

Solution includes:
  • Evaluation of your school’s current tuition model and financial aid processes
  • Development of a tailored variable tuition model that meets your school’s financial and enrollment objectives
  • Instruction on how to effectively market and communicate the variable tuition program to your school community and prospective families
  • Staff training on how to manage and administer the variable tuition program
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Evaluating Roles & Responsibilities

Enhancing the staffing and organizational structure of your admissions and marketing team can be invaluable to your enrollment and retention efforts. Through organizational analysis, team dynamics assessment, and industry best practices, we’ll help you build a highly effective and efficient team structure that aligns with the school’s strategic goals in admissions and marketing.

Solution includes:
  • Review of current organizational structure
  • Interviews with admissions and marketing staff members to review main job responsibilities
  • Evaluation of job descriptions
  • Review of staff meeting formats and frequency
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Finding the Right Head for Your Team

Searching for a fresh leadership perspective, looking to hire an admissions and/or marketing director for the first time, or seeking a replacement? Enrollment Catalyst will provide direction and assistance throughout your search. Solution includes:
  • Development of position profile and job description
  • Direction on search advertising 
  • Networking contacts 
  • Applicant pre-screening 
  • Hiring recommendations
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