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The Best Christmas Present Ever, Well Almost

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This year I received an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. It was a great Christmas present! Now, I can have as many books in my laptop bag as I want wherever I am at–like right now in Starbucks! Simply amazing. And you know what? I have found that I read faster.

The “Wait and See” Follow-up Strategy

A couple of years ago I met with an admissions director of a large private school to assess their enrollment process and strategy. During my meeting I asked the director what she did with the names and addresses of the parents that call asking for information on the school. She said she wrote their information down on […]

A “Purple Cow” in a “Brown Cow” World of Schools

Most schools are brown cows. They look just like the other school down the street and across town. They have teachers teaching in classrooms  with four walls. There are programs in the core subjects, athletic teams and drama productions. Everything looks and feels the same.