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The “One Family at a Time” Retention Strategy

Retention is an issue at most schools. With the mark of a great school being at a 90% retention rate or higher, it is important to consider strategies that will make a difference at your school. A practical and simple approach is to focus on one family at a time. I call this the “One Family at a Time” strategy. […]

Why didn’t they know?

In the past few months I have conducted focus groups with parents and faculty at several schools across the country. I asked all of them this question, “Do you know what the marketing and enrollment plan is for the school?” Consistently, the parents, faculty and staff shared that they were not aware of the school’s […]

Little Things Make a Huge Difference

In a recent school visit I heard a story from a mother in a focus group that made a huge difference in her school search. She said that her family was looking for a new school in the area as they prepared to move from another state due to a military relocation. During the visit, […]

A Simple and Effective Strategy

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Last week I was at a school conducting an assessment of their marketing and enrollment effort. While there were several memorable things that the admissions director did that worked well in her recruitment effort of new families, one strategy stood out to me. As a prospective parent and child walks up to the administration building, […]