Little Things Make a Huge Difference

In a recent school visit I heard a story from a mother in a focus group that made a huge difference in her school search. She said that her family was looking for a new school in the area as they prepared to move from another state due to a military relocation.

During the visit, the admissions director could sense that the 3rd grade child was concerned about moving to a new state and enrolling in a new school. In fact, the child told her mom that she didn’t want to go to this school.

After the visit, the admissions director took the initiative to ask her future classmates to write personal notes to the child. Every student wrote a personal note. Some of the notes said, “You have will a new friend in me” and “I can’t wait until you are in my class next year.”

Do you know what happened? The entire attitude of this child turned around and she now wanted to attend the school.

What if every new student at your school received a similar welcome package after their campus visit? This personal strategy would make a huge difference in your recruitment effort.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a huge difference in a parent and child’s decision to attend your school. And, this strategy didn’t cost anything except the postage to mail the package!