Custom Engagements

Enrollment Catalyst provides a variety of services for school leaders. The following is an overview of the primary services provided:

  • Strategic Marketing and Enrollment Plan – A comprehensive marketing and enrollment plan can be developed for your school. This process begins with an extensive review of your current marketing and enrollment reports in Phase One. After this review, a two-day site visit occurs in Phase Two to assess the current marketing and enrollment effort. In addition, an online parent satisfaction survey is conducted to provide important research for this plan. Phase Three concludes with the development of a written marketing and enrollment plan that is presented in person to your school’s leadership team in a one-day consultation visit.
  • Parent Satisfaction Survey – The online parent satisfaction survey can be utilized by your leadership to provide an evaluation of the parent’s current perspective of the school. The school’s leadership will have the opportunity to customize the survey questions for their use. The survey is distributed by Enrollment Catalyst and is confidential for all parent respondents. Once the survey is completed, a detailed online report of all of the responses is sent to the school’s leadership team for their review. A one-hour consultation conference call with Rick Newberry is conducted to review and discuss the findings.
  • Leadership/Training Retreat – A two-day training retreat can be held with the school’s leadership team to discuss marketing and enrollment strategies for your school. During this retreat, Rick Newberry will lead sessions in branding, word-of-mouth marketing, web-based marketing, retention and recruitment. The goal during this retreat will be to discuss best practices that work at other schools and to develop strategic marketing and enrollment priorities for your school.
  • Customized Research – A customized research process can be developed for your school based on the specific research needs. This research can be designed to include both quantitative (online surveys) and qualitative methodologies (interviews and focus groups) to discover answers to your specific marketing questions.
  • Customized Consulting/Coaching – Based on the specific needs of your school, a customized consulting program can be developed. For example, this customization could include on-site contact with your school as needed and it could be focused during a specific time period (3 months, 6 months, etc.).