Online Secret Shopper Program

Secret Shopper logoIn today’s world, prospective parents shop for schools online. Even if the parent first hears about your school from a recommendation from a friend, the parent will search online for more information.

This places a significant focus on the online experience for schools to consider.

Here are just some of the key questions that are important for you to assess and understand from the prospective parent’s perspective:

  • What does a parent find if they search for schools online in your area?
  • How does your school compare to your primary competitors?
  • Does your school’s website help them to discover more about your school?
  • Does it create and sustain interest through compelling and engaging content?
  • Is there a way for a parent to inquire about your school?
  • How many fields do they have complete on your form?
  • Can the parent download a brochure that speaks to them?
  • And then, what happens after the parent inquires online?

After years of working with hundreds of schools, Enrollment Catalyst can provide an objective assessment of your prospective parent’s online experience through the Online Secret Shopper Program for your school.

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: You engage with Enrollment Catalyst to conduct this assessment for your school – and also for up to five of your key competitors.

Step 2: Enrollment Catalyst will begin the online shopping process of evaluating the following:

  • Online search results for keyword searches in your area.
  • Review of your website homepage content and call-to-actions.
  • Review of your competitor’s homepage content and call-to-actions.

Step 3: Enrollment Catalyst will use a fictitious parent’s name, email address, and phone number to inquire online at your school as well as up to five of your competitors. Enrollment Catalyst will monitor, record, and assess the inquiry process and responses, and will include the results within your report. You will be able to review the same prospective parent emails that you and your competitors are sending to your prospective parents.

Step 4: A customized assessment and report of the key findings, results, and recommendations will be provided for you and your team in a report and recorded presentation. This report will be provided in a comprehensive slide deck that is reviewed and presented to you and your team in a recorded report.

The process will take approximately one month from sign-off until completion. At the end of the process, you will understand the following:

  • What the prospective parent experiences during the online shopping process with your school and your top competitors.
  • An objective evaluation of the prospective family journey on your school’s website – as well as your competitors’ – as they inquire, download content, and navigate their way through your site.
  • What the prospective parent receives when they completing an online inquiry form from your school, as well as that of your competitors.
  • An action plan to improve your online process and customer journey for prospective parents based on a comprehensive review of your school and your primary competitors.

The cost for this program is $2,750. If you don’t want to include your competitors, this cost can be reduced to $1,350.

That’s it! For this one low price, you, your team, and your school will have a better understanding of your prospective parents’ online shopping experience.

Go ahead and take the next step. Complete the form below to begin this secret shopping program at your school.

Online Secret Shopper Program