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First Baptist Academy Naples (FL) Signs on for the Enrollment Catalyst Program

First Baptist Academy Naples (FL) Signs on for the Enrollment Catalyst Program

Standing Out in a Crowded School Market

Let’s face it the school market is very competitive. Parents have many choices when it comes to selecting a school for their child. While it is essential to communicate and showcase your school’s strengths and unique benefits, it is also critical for your school to stand out. Exceptional customer service can help your school stand […]

The Mark of a Great School

Re-enrollment is the true test. It’s when you begin to discover how satisfied and committed your current parents are to returning to your school for another year. It’s when you realize whether or not your school is great. One of the marks of a great school is an overall retention rate of 90% or higher.

Five Re-Recruitment Strategies for your Transition Grades

Most schools typically lose students during the transition grades. These grade levels are from preschool to Kindergarten, fifth to sixth and eight to ninth grades. These transition grades should be the main focus of your re-enrollment strategy. Some of the strategies that work well for schools include:

Seven Strategies for Re-Enrollment

January and February is typically re-enrollment time for most schools. Re-enrollment is about marketing your school internally to re-recruit your families back for another year. As you consider this year’s re-enrollment effort, the following strategies can help you re-enroll your families for another year: