Read what some of Rick’s clients at Enrollment Catalyst are saying:

Tony Fajardo, Head of School
Northside Christian Academy | Charlotte, NC
“At Northside Christian Academy we have enjoyed working with Rick Newberry. Rick has an acute understanding of the challenges schools are facing and served as an active force in helping us to increase new student enrollment, which produced a 35% increase in inquiries this year alone. Enrollment Catalyst has provided a clear direction and consistent action plans that have allowed us to achieve goals ahead of schedule in 2012. We are excited to work with Rick again in 2013.”

Dr. Mike Sligh, Headmaster
Lakeland Christian School | Lakeland, FL
We had experienced some decline and flat enrollment and recognized that we needed to make some changes to turn it around rather than just complain about the economy. Rick Newberry presented us with a professional proposal and a solid track record of results. His expertise in marketing research, publications, and public relations strongly complements his enrollment building counsel.  We have been totally pleased with the service he has provided. His research was conscientious, his focus groups were well received  and his survey and focus group feedback provided us with a great deal of information that was useful not only for planning our enrollment strategies, but also for affirming some important parts of our operation and mission. The data was useful for our accreditation visits as well. Rick coached us through the re-organization of our enrollment office and refining of our admissions procedures enabling us to serve our people more effectively. His expert advice for our staff strengthened their confidence and facilitated an improved effort in every area of admissions. I am pleased to recommend Rick to assist your school in the challenging area of admissions and marketing.”

Randy Moes, Principal
Calvin Christian School | South Holland, IL
“In less than one year working with Dr. Rick Newberry, Calvin Christian School saw its enrollment increase by over 10%.  We had faced a declining enrollment for four straight years.  In the fall of 2012, we began our 101st year with an enrollment of 215.  Our new PK3 program, website, tagline, promotional materials, social media presence, and informed and engaged parents have been catalysts for our growth.  None of this would have been possible had Rick not coached us through a complete renovation of how we recruit and retain families.  We highly recommend Rick at Enrollment Catalyst to fulfill your desire to see more families drawn to the kind of learning environment God has called you to establish.”

Thor Kvande, Head of School
Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal School | Memphis, TN
“I have enjoyed working with Rick Newberry. He is a constant source of ideas, and has breathed fresh life into our marketing, communications, and development efforts.”

Mac Hall, Head of School
Canterbury School of Florida | 
St. Petersburg, FL
“Rick brings a level of professionalism and institutional knowledge to the independent school enrollment management field that is irreplaceable in the marketplace.  His blend of experience, expertise and commitment to private school education is a valuable ally for schools of all sizes. Like many private schools, we were facing stagnate enrollment and difficulty navigating the changing face of content marketing. It was clear that if we didn’t make some changes we’d face more serious challenges. After our Advancement team began working with Rick and implementing his marketing recommendations and strategies, positive things began to happen almost immediately!  Not only did we meet our enrollment and retention goals, we exceeded them!  I highly recommend Rick at Enrollment Catalyst to meet your admissions and marketing needs.”

Jan Pullen, Head of School
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School | 
Bradenton, FL
“Rick has the ability to ‘pull back the lens’ and help you see the ‘big picture’ for enrollment and marketing. He was able to come into our school as a consultant and coach, meet with the staff and develop an effective plan for changing the way we were thinking about marketing, admissions and enrollment. He does his job with knowledge, confidence and compassion. In…out…job done well!”

Jennifer Vigne, Director of Marketing and Development
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School | 
Bradenton, FL
“When Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School hired Rick Newberry to provide consultative marketing and enrollment services for us, it became evident from the start that Rick knew his business and knew it well. Rick has a deep understanding of the challenges schools are facing and served as an integral force in helping us to increase new enrollment generation, which produced a 25% increase in inquiries this year alone. He also helped us to create a strategic marketing plan that significantly focused on new marketing trends, while helping us to focus our energies on various internal marketing strategies. Rick’s portfolio of services covers the gamut, and his approachable communication style makes it easy for administrators, board members, and staff to work well with him. I highly recommend Rick to any school who is seeking to move from ‘good to great.’ He provides a wealth of ideas worth implementing and his approachable coaching style complements his knowledge and experience so that staff, administration and board members want to hear what he has to say.”

Dr. Don Mayes, Superintendent
Indian Rocks Christian School | 
Largo, FL
“Having great ideas and implementing great ideas are two very different things. Through Enrollment Catalyst, Rick has given Indian Rocks Christian the extra coaching and accountability needed to see that the good ideas are translated into new students and a more deeply committed parent base. Rick provided the tipping point we needed for increased enrollment.”

Pamela Pardi, Director of Enrollment and Marketing
Indian Rocks Christian School | 
Largo, FL
“Enrollment Catalyst has provided direction, role-clarity and consistent action plans that have allowed me to achieve goals ahead of schedule. Rick makes himself available for advice and input as needed, and his one-on-one coaching keeps me on course to succeed.”

Mike Rogers, Principal
Wheaton Christian Grammar School | 
Wheaton, IL
“Wheaton Christian Grammar School has benefitted in a number of ways from the expertise of Rick Newberry. Through his timely, informative, practical wisdom on the Enrollment Catalyst blog, Rick is a tremendous resource for independent schools.”