An Interview with Donna Cutting — The Celebrity Experience

An Interview with Donna Cutting — The Celebrity Experience

I am looking forward to Donna Cutting’s webinar on Thursday, September 14, at 2pm EDT: “Rolling Out the Red Carpet — Creating an Intentional Student and Customer Experience.” Donna will share her expertise on customer service and how it applies to your school. I believe that every should leader should read her books and learn from […]

Searching for the Ideal

If you are the Head of School, one of the most important hires you will make will be your Director of Enrollment (or more commonly known as the Director of Admissions). During the past few weeks, several school heads have asked me to describe this ideal candidate.

Red and Yellow Make Orange

Five years ago Orangewood Christian School, located in Maitland, FL, was struggling with its brand identity and enrollment. In 2004 the total enrollment at the school was 540 students. At that time, the board hired a new head of school, LuAnne Schendel. She brought a focus on improving the academic quality and she devoted her time […]