Christian School Marketing

With increased competition among schools, the sluggish economy and an exceedingly secular world, Christian school marketing is more crucial in the 21st century than ever before. Christian schools must be intentional and proactive about their marketing, employing innovative systems, strategies and solutions in growing enrollment and improving retention rates. They cannot continue relying on outmoded techniques that have worked in the past, but must take advantage of the latest advancements in communication and digital media channels.

Don’t be a victim of lax marketing and, by extension, diminishing operating budgets, identity confusion and sporadic enrollment results. Enrollment Catalyst, a premier Christian school marketing enrollment management specialist, can help you think strategically and creatively about your marketing program. We’ll partner with you to provide enrollment management and focused consulting and coaching to meet your marketing goals.

Our Christian School Marketing Program

Enrollment Catalyst implements a coaching-based model in which Rick Newberry, a marketing and strategic specialist, will personally work with you and your team to evaluate and implement effective enrollment and marketing strategies for your school. As a former Christian school headmaster in Florida and with 25 years of educational enrollment management experience, Rick is familiar with all facets of a Christian school marketing program.

An integral part of Christian school marketing is identity and message. Rick will first clarify who are as a school and the story you want to tell. He will then help you develop enrollment and marketing strategies to target your audience online and in the community–including churches. Whether your school ascribes to the discipleship/covenant model or evangelical model, sharing your confession of faith with prospective families and explaining clearly how you balance your commitment to Christianity with exemplary academics is crucial.

Coaching sessions are three-pronged, covering the following main areas:

  • Admissions – Goal setting, accountability, reporting, inquiry generation and follow-up, application generation and follow-up, yield strategies
  • Retention – Strategies, re-enrollment, customer service, transition grades, communications
  • Marketing – Internal, external, web-based marketing strategies

The Benefits of an Enrollment Catalyst Program

The Enrollment Catalyst Program is comprehensive, offering a wide range of profound and long-lasting benefits, including:

  • Ongoing coaching and accountability conference calls with your admissions director, marketing director and head of school. In most cases, the conference calls will last 60 minutes and occur at least three times a month (up to weekly calls) depending on the size of your school and staff.
  • Comprehensive assessment of enrollment and marketing effort.
  • Recommended best practice solutions for admissions, retention, internal marketing, external marketing and web-based marketing.
  • Online parent satisfaction survey will be conducted to measure parent satisfaction and to explore key marketing and enrollment issues.
  • Opportunity to call or email questions in between calls.
  • Expansion of your staff to include a Christian school marketing and enrollment expert to coach you to success.

Getting Started

Our Christian school marketing program has a long track record of proven success in enrollment growth. And, it’s affordable, typically costing the equivalent of one to two student tuitions. This includes the initial assessment and goal-setting in the first month as well as ongoing coaching sessions. With us, your marketing program doesn’t have to break the bank; In fact, it will quickly pay for itself after the enrollment/retention of two students.

If you’re ready to get started or simply want more information, please contact Rick Newberry at 727.647.0378 or by email.