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Real Stats, Real Stories

This summer I had the opportunity to conduct several parent focus groups at an independent school. During my focus groups, I typically ask parents the following questions:

Enrolling Parents in an Online World

For most schools, the application and enrollment process is coming to an end for this year. It won’t be long until you will begin work on retaining the students you just recruited as well as recruiting another new group of families for the 2012-13 year. As you consider best practices to implement in the next […]

Capture the Moment

Capture the Moment

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Last weekend I took my two boys for a four-day trip to Orlando. And yes, we went to a water park each day and enjoyed floating in the lazy river. We also enjoyed going to Hollywood Studios. In fact, you can see a picture of me (front row) with my two boys (back row) riding […]

Nine Ways Faculty and Staff Can Market Your School

When I was head of school, I always looked forward to the start of a new school year. The beginning of a new year typically starts with a week of kick-off meetings with the faculty and staff. The mood is positive as everyone returns from their summer and is focused for a new school year. This […]

Enrollment Rises or Falls on Leadership

While there are many factors that affect enrollment, I believe that leadership is one of the most important. During the past few weeks I have been reminded that enrollment in private schools may rise or fall on the leadership of the head of school. Through some recent on-site visits at a couple of schools, it […]

The First Day of School

I can’t believe that it is that time again! My two boys begin school on August 22 (they attend a private school in St. Petersburg). I am taking them to Orlando for a long weekend for one of our last summer hurrahs. Our goal is to ride several rollercoasters and to enjoy the water slides […]