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Is Your Retention EPI 90% or Higher?

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One of the most important EPI’s (Enrollment Performance Indicators) that I look for in a school is its retention rate. Ironically, several administrators I have worked with recently don’t know their school’s retention rate. This is interesting to me since retention is an indication of the overall satisfaction and health of a school. It is the measurement […]

The Strategy that’s Becoming Irrelevant

One of the most common issues I hear discussed among school administrators today is becoming irrelevant: “How can I get my metro area newspaper to print more articles about our school?” With newspaper circulations in decline and the editor’s attention on independent and faith-based schools next to the bottom of the pile, it is important to ask yourself […]

A “No-Brainer” Marketing Strategy

Just the other day I was reading a newsletter from a school. In a short article, parents were encouraged to write online reviews about their experiences at this school. While the article did not suggest what they should say, the obvious hope was for parents to write postive reviews. This makes sense.

Don’t be Caught Off Guard by an Online Review

Just recently I was working with a school and, as part of their marketing assessment, conducted on online review. In a Google search I found that the first review listed about their school was extremely negative. It  said: “DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE.” Not exactly the kind of review the admissions director wanted prospective parents to read! […]