Enrollment Catalyst Virtual Program

All schools have budget and time constraints. Our virtual solution makes the Enrollment Catalyst program more affordable and accessible than ever. Schools who choose this option are involved in a series of virtual assessments, a parent satisfaction survey and an action plan supported with ongoing coaching.

The virtual program is a unique opportunity to uncover the root causes of your enrollment issues and start implementing best practice solutions for growth. It is an excellent opportunity for schools to reap the benefits of the Enrollment Catalyst program in a flexible format with a lower cost.



In order for you to develop your school’s strategic marketing and enrollment plan, this process will begin with a comprehensive assessment.

  • Assessment – Virtual meetings will be conducted with the school’s leadership to assess admissions, retention, marketing and financial aid. This assessment will include a series of meetings that will take up to one full day (meetings can be spread out over several days). The assessment will be presented in the report.
  • Parent Survey – A standard parent survey will be conducted for all parents at the school. This survey will measure why the parents selected your school and provide an evaluation of the enrollment and marketing effort. In addition, the Net Promoter Score will be calculated as a base-line overview of the school’s foundation for word of mouth.


As a result of the previous steps (assessment meetings and survey), comprehensive recommendations and an enrollment and marketing plan will be presented . This plan will include the following:

  • Goals
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Budget and Resources
  • Calendar and Timeline

The entire program in Phase 1 can be completed in one month. Once this is completed, the school’s team will move into the coaching phase.


Phase 2 will focus on the implementation of the plan through virtual coaching and consulting. Enrollment Catalyst will continue to work personally with you and your team to implement the enrollment and marketing plan for your school. We will be your personal coach for growth. This phase includes:

  • Coaching and accountability conference calls two times a month with the enrollment and marketing team (ideally, every other week). The conference calls will last up to an hour and will occur via Gotomeeting.
  • Continued recommendations of best practice solutions for admissions, retention, internal marketing, external marketing, word of mouth marketing and web‐based marketing.
  • Opportunity to email questions in between coaching sessions.
  • Expansion of your staff to include a marketing and enrollment expert to coach you to success.
  • Membership and participation in the Enrollment Catalyst Inner Circle Facebook Group (current and past clients have a private group online to share questions, ideas and successes).

For more information on the Enrollment Catalyst Virtual Program, please complete the following form or contact Rick directly at 727.647.0378 or via email.

Enrollment Catalyst Virtual Program