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Marketing to the Mouth

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School administrators are always looking for the latest and greatest “secret” to marketing. I often hear questions from school leaders asking where they should advertise: Metro magazine? Newspaper? Radio? TV? Direct mail? Social media? How should they spend their limited dollars to maximize their impact? I think we need to look at this question from another […]

School Leadership Pivotal to Enrollment

It’s never been more clear to me until now. One of the primary reasons for enrollment instability in a school is the leadership itself. Let me explain.

Your school’s website is a marketing and budget priority

In my work with independent and faith-based schools across the nation, administrators often ask the question: “where should I spend my marketing dollars first?” The answer is clear – your school’s website.

Brand Building for Schools

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Building a brand that is recognized is critical for businesses to move forward.  Businesses spend millions upon millions of dollars to project the image of their company and product to their targeted consumer.  We see these brands displayed on our television sets, billboards, internet banner ads, and we even wear their labels on our clothes. 

Directing your direct mail program

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Direct mail can be a great way to build your school’s brand awareness in the community.  An effective direct mail campaign can create an impression of your school that communicates your distinctives in a visually compelling way.  It’s an initial impression of your school that is delivered directly in the home of your target audience.  […]

Five different schools, one common position in marketing

Gone are the days when a school could rely only on word-of-mouth marketing and families would line up to enroll at our school. Here are the days when we must be intentional and proactive in our marketing effort and should make it a priority to hire an administrative position focused on marketing.