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Your School’s Marketing Budget

Last week I had the opportunity to lead a webinar for 100 school administrators throughout the nation. As a follow-up to this webinar, this week I hosted a Q&A session with the same group. There were some great questions that were asked that I may write about in future posts. However, two key questions were asked […]

You, Your School and Facebook

Facebook has changed the landscape of the Web. With over 600 million users, Facebook is the leading social media site for personal and professional connections. School leaders have a great opportunity to use this tool to reach their target audience and to effectively tell their story online.

Two Outstanding Events with Outstanding Results

One of the things I like best about working with schools across the country is that I get to see new ideas that actually work. Recently, I came across two great events that might help you in your enrollment and internal marketing effort.

24/7 Marketing Mindset

I am seeing a shift that needs to take place in schools. Gone are the days when we could rely upon word-of-mouth alone to grow our school. Gone are the days when we didn’t have to think about marketing. Gone are the days when faculty and staff think of marketing and enrollment as someone else’s job.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Rolling out the red carpet implies that there will be someone famous or a celebrity who will soon be walking through the entrance to a special event on a special occasion–like the upcoming Grammy’s on February 13. Donna Cutting, in her book The Celebrity Experience, suggests that we need to roll out the red carpet […]