As you know, enrolling students is the most important need for your school. Without students, your school cannot fulfill its mission. With more students, your school has the opportunity for greater impact in your community. Unfortunately, many administrators do not have an effective strategic marketing plan to accomplish their enrollment goals.

With increased competition among schools, as well as the current economic impact, it is increasingly important for administrators to focus on their enrollment and marketing strategies. This not only requires relevant knowledge, but the practical know-how to generate enrollment revenue through an effective strategic plan.

For the past eight years Rick Newberry has worked with school leaders across the country to develop their marketing and enrollment plans. One of the needs I discovered is that school administrators need more than a marketing and enrollment plan—they need a coach to help them implement their plan.

This is how I can help you.

Enrollment Catalyst partners with schools like yours to provide annual strategic planning and coaching to implement the enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies and solutions needed to reach your goals. The program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current strategies and processes, and then help you implement “best practices” from schools across the country. It’s a personal, one-on-one approach in which I am your coach for the most important area at your school—your enrollment growth.