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Strategic Coaching for Private School Growth

Shrinking budgets. Sporadic enrollment. Image confusion. Most private, independent, and Christian schools are no strangers to these kinds of issues. While the challenges vary, there’s a common thread: little to no marketing strategy, and a lack of time dedicated to implementing systems that boost enrollment. If you’re ready to get intentional about filling every seat at your school, we’re ready to partner with you.



Strategic Coaching for School Growth

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Enrollment Catalyst Core Offerings

  • Enrollment
    Catalyst Program
  • Marketing &
    Enrollment Plan
  • Enrollment
  • Enrollment Team
  • Strategic Market
  • Variable Tuition

The Enrollment Catalyst program expands your staff to include a marketing and enrollment expert. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, you will understand the problems behind your enrollment challenges and receive coaching as you implement practical solutions.

Planning is fundamental to the long-term growth of your school. If enrollment is down, there’s a good chance marketing efforts are misaligned. This three-phase planning process gives you a roadmap for recruiting new families and retaining your current students.

Establishing priorities is step one. Implementation is where many schools fall short. With weekly coaching sessions, you can receive constant support as you pursue specific marketing and enrollment goals. This coaching is completely customized to the unique needs of your school.lis.

A knowledgeable team is key to long-term marketing and enrollment success. We train marketing staff, leadership teams, and admissions directors on marketing strategies that are proven to generate leads. Every training session is backed by research and customized to your specific goals.

The most effective marketing and enrollment plans are backed by solid research. Quantitative and qualitative methodologies - interviews, surveys, and focus groups - are used to target your specific audiences and gain insights for strategic planning needs.

The variable tuition concept can boost your enrollment and revenue by lowering the cost barrier for prospective families. This unique approach to marketing financial aid helps communicate that tuition is discounted based on the family’s specific needs.

Rick Newberry, Ph.D.

Enrollment Catalyst

Rick is the President of Enrollment Catalyst. Rick partners with school administrators to provide coaching and consulting in enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies, and solutions needed to reach their goals. His goal is to provide school leaders with effective marketing and enrollment strategies, as well as staff accountability, direction, and results needed to grow their enrollment.

“Rick provided the tipping point we needed for increased enrollment.”

Dr. Don Mayes, Superintendent, Indian Rocks Christian School

"Rick has an acute understanding of the challenges schools are facing ."

Tony Fajardo, Head of School, Northside Christian Academy

"Rick's expertise in marketing research, publications, and public relations strongly complements his enrollment building counsel."

Dr. Mike Sligh, Headmaster, Lakeland Christian School

"In less than one year working with Dr. Rick Newberry, Calvin Christian School saw its enrollment increase by over 10%."

Randy Moes, Principal, Calvin Christian School

"Rick is a constant source of ideas, and has breathed fresh life into our marketing, communications, and development efforts.”

Thor Kvande, Head of School, Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School

“Rick brings a level of professionalism and institutional knowledge to the independent school enrollment management field that is irreplaceable in the marketplace."

Mac Hall, Head of School, Canterbury School of Florida

"Rick has a deep understanding of the challenges schools are facing and served as an integral force in helping us produced a 25% increase in inquiries this year alone."

Jennifer Vigne, Former Director of Marketing and Development, Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School

"Through his timely, informative, and practical wisdom on the Enrollment Catalyst blog, Rick is a tremendous resource for independent schools.”

Mike Rogers, Former Principal, Wheaton Christian Grammar School

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