Providence Christian Academy

Q: Before contacting Enrollment Catalyst, what was your enrollment strategy?

A: We had made almost no investment in enrollment or marketing for several years. This resulted in almost no growth, minimal marketing, and little branding and communication consistency. Our website was badly dated and did not reflect the quality of the school.

Q: How did you connect with Rick?

A: Rick came highly recommended to us by a previous board member. He was calm, patient, and direct with us. He had an enormous amount of strategies to share.

Q: What were the results of working with Enrollment Catalyst?

A: We are in the best place ever due to Rick’s guidance and thorough analysis of our school.

Our greatest accomplishments include:

  • Enrollment growth of over 10% with projections close to 15% growth for next year
    90% retention rate
  • Aligned and unified marketing approach consistent with our growth goals
  • Heavy emphasis on word of mouth marketing and “telling our story”

While working with Rick, we also launched a new web page, an online application, made the switch to continuous enrollment, rolled out new branding, and grew our social media presence.

We received information from Rick that covered every aspect of our school operations. As a result, we’ve completely turned our school and enrollment around! We are full, with a waiting list, and expanding!

Q: Can you share more about the process?

A: Rick’s thorough process and personal approach yielded significant changes in the way in which we conduct our enrollment program, market the school, and communicate with current and prospective families. He challenged us to think outside the box.

Q: Would you recommend Rick to other schools struggling with their enrollment and marketing efforts?

A: Yes! Rick will support you through the tough decisions and cheerlead you with the successes. He has a keen insight to the culture of schools and knows how to bring all marketing efforts to the highest level to achieve the best results.

William Mott, Headmaster