Enrollment Catalyst On-Site Program

As a leading private school marketing specialist, Enrollment Catalyst partners with private schools, independent schools, Christian schools, Catholic schools, Jewish schools and more to provide the enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies, and solutions needed to reach their goals.

How does our on-site program work?

Dr. Rick Newberry will begin the program with a two-day site visit on your school’s campus focused on research, assessment, and planning with your team and school community. During this site visit, he will gain a comprehensive understanding of your current situation and challenges, as well as evaluate your enrollment and marketing processes and strategies.


In order for Enrollment Catalyst to develop the school’s strategic marketing and enrollment plan, this process will begin with a comprehensive assessment of the entire effort. This process includes the following:

  • Key Marketing Data and Institutional Research Review – Specific data, reports and documents will be requested in advance from the school staff in order to review the current marketing and enrollment effort.
  • On-Campus Interviews and Focus Group Meetings – An on-site visit of two days will be conducted that will include on-campus interviews, focus groups and meetings will be conducted with the school’s personnel, faculty, and current parents. This visit will be led by Dr. Rick Newberry in order to understand and assess the current processes and strategies in the enrollment and marketing areas.
  • Parent Satisfaction and Marketing Survey – A marketing survey will be delivered to all parents in a web-based, online format. This survey will help to uncover the overall attitudes and perceptions about the school as well as identify issues that will be helpful in the enrollment and marketing planning process. The leadership will have an opportunity to review the survey questions and add customizable questions to the instrument. Final results of the survey will be provided to the leadership in both printed and electronic formats.

This two-day, on-site visit will include the following key meetings with the school’s staff to assess the current enrollment and marketing processes, strategies and results:

  • Review of Your School’s Current Situation and Challenges
  • SWOT Analysis of Your School’s Enrollment and Marketing Effort
  • Admissions – Recruitment of New Families
  • Retention – Re-recruitment of Current Families
  • Marketing – Outbound, Inbound and WOMbound Strategies
  • Tuition and Financial Aid


Based on the assessment and research conducted, Enrollment Catalyst will develop strategic marketing and enrollment initiatives and recommendations for your school in a comprehensive plan.

The results of the comprehensive assessment and the strategic marketing and enrollment recommendations will be presented to the leadership in a PowerPoint presentation and video conference call. The PowerPoint presentation will provide a format that can be printed for the staff for future reference.


Enrollment Catalyst is based on a coaching model to work alongside of your team to help you reach your goals. Rick Newberry, a private school marketing and strategic specialist, will personally work with you and your team to evaluate and implement effective enrollment and marketing strategies for your school. With over 30 years of educational enrollment management and private school marketing experience as well as work with hundreds of independent, private and faith based schools, Rick will be your personal, private school marketing coach for growth.

What areas will be covered during the coaching sessions?

  • Admissions – Goal setting, accountability, reporting, inquiry generation and follow-up, application generation and follow-up, yield strategies
  • Retention – Rates, strategies, re-enrollment, continuous enrollment, customer service, transition grades, communications, exit survey
  • Marketing Strategies – Internal, external, word-of-mouth, web-based marketing strategies
  • Tuition and Financial Aid – Process, strategies, innovative approaches (e.g. Variable Tuition)

The coaching phase includes:

  • Frequent coaching and accountability conference calls with the enrollment and marketing team (ideally, every other week). The conference calls will last up to an hour and will occur via Gotomeeting.
  • Continued recommendations of best practice solutions for admissions, retention, internal marketing, external marketing, word of mouth marketing and web‐based marketing.
  • Opportunity to email questions in between coaching sessions.
  • Expansion of your staff to include a marketing and enrollment expert to coach you to success.
  • Membership and participation in the Enrollment Catalyst Inner Circle Facebook Group (current and past clients have a private group online to share questions, ideas and successes).

How much will the program cost?

The cost for the Enrollment Catalyst program is affordable and customized for your school’s budget. This cost includes the initial assessment, recommendations, and the ongoing coaching sessions. This program will quickly pay for itself. It really is a no-brainer.

For more information on the Enrollment Catalyst On-Site Program, contact Rick directly at 727.647.0378 or via email.