Catalyst Program

As a leading private school marketing specialist, Enrollment Catalyst partners with private schools, Christian schools and independent schools to provide the enrollment management and private school marketing systems, strategies, and solutions needed to reach their goals.

How does our private school marketing program work?

Enrollment Catalyst is based on a coaching model to work alongside of your team to help you reach your goals. Rick Newberry, a private school marketing and strategic specialist, will personally work with you and your team to evaluate and implement effective enrollment and marketing strategies for your school. With nearly 25 years of educational enrollment management and private school marketing experience as well as work with over 100 independent, private and faith based schools, Rick will be your personal, private school marketing coach for growth.

What will this program provide for you and your school?

  • Ongoing coaching and accountability conference calls with admissions director, marketing director and head of school. In most cases, the conference calls will last 60 minutes and occur at least three times a month (up to weekly calls) depending on the size of your school and staff.
  • Comprehensive assessment of enrollment and marketing effort.
  • Recommended best practice solutions for admissions, retention, internal marketing, external marketing and web-based marketing.
  • Online parent satisfaction survey will be conducted to measure parent satisfaction and to explore key marketing and enrollment issues.
  • Opportunity to call or email questions in between calls.
  • Expansion of your staff to include a private school marketing and enrollment expert to coach you to success.

What areas will be covered during the coaching sessions?

  • Admissions – Goal setting, accountability, reporting, inquiry generation and follow-up, application generation and follow-up, yield strategies
  • Retention – Strategies, re-enrollment, customer service, transition grades, communications
  • Marketing – Internal, external, web-based marketing strategies

How much will the program cost?

The cost for the Enrollment Catalyst program is affordable for your school’s budget. Based on the highest level tuition at your private school, the typical cost is equivalent to one or two tuitions at your school (depending on the time involved). This includes the initial assessment and goal-setting in the first month as well as the ongoing coaching sessions.

For the cost of one to two students, this program will quickly pay for itself. It really is a no-brainer.

For more information on private school marketing and the Catalyst Program, contact Rick directly at 727.647.0378 or via email.

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