What We Do

Enrollment Catalyst partners with independent schools across the U.S. and Canada, providing annual strategic planning and coaching. Through our consulting, we focus on four core areas:

Refining your enrollment management processes
Every school needs a clearly defined plan for enrollment management. We come alongside you to set goals, identify resources needed to reach them, and develop a process for measuring your success. Our tactics help you work toward both short- and long-term goals, rather than focusing solely on projections.

Increasing the effectiveness of your marketing systems
With more competition than ever, schools must be intentional about marketing strategy and execution. We’ll partner with you to help you think intentionally and creatively about brand identity, your school’s story, and how to reach both internal and external audiences. Focusing on word-of-mouth marketing and measurable online strategies, we help you discover solutions that get results.

Creating solutions that solve your problems
Each school has a unique set of challenges. Some are dealing with staffing issues or ineffective leadership. Others have no clearly defined plan for enrollment and marketing. Some struggle with retention, while others find it difficult to connect with new families. We get to the root cause of your problems and help you solve them.

Developing strategies to help reach your goals
What works for one school may not work for another. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current strategies and processes, and then help you implement “best practices” from schools across the country. It’s a personal, one-on-one approach. With a coach focused solely on the most important area of your school — your enrollment growth — you can rest assured that the plans you’ve invested in creating are being executed well.

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