Legacy Christian Academy

Congratulations to the team at Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco, TX, on their 13% enrollment growth this year. LCA grew from 974 to 1,097 students this year. The surge of nearly 100 additional new students this year over last year helped to fuel this growth.

Legacy Christian began a partnership with Dr. Rick Newberry through his Enrollment Catalyst Program in January 2020. Rick had previously worked with the head of school, Bill McGee at Hill Country Christian in Austin. As the head of school at LCA, Bill knew how Rick could help his enrollment and marketing team with a focused assessment and plan.

Learn more about this engagement at Legacy Christian Academy by reading this interview with Adam Housley, Senior Director of Advancement.

Describe your school’s enrollment and marketing situation before you hired Rick Newberry and Enrollment Catalyst:

Sparse and in-house. Historically, LCA had relied on Frisco’s growth to drive its own growth, and as one of the fast-growing cities in the country, that worked historically. However, that was no longer the case. We needed leads and a system by which to manage them.

Why did you decide to partner with Rick Newberry and Enrollment Catalyst?

We partnered with Rick to help identify opportunities to improve our marketing efforts as related to prospective families.

What were the results of working with Enrollment Catalyst? What were your greatest achievements?

Rick’s Enrollment Catalyst program was the rallying point for our team. Shortly after receiving his report, COVID happened, and almost over night, we realized that we needed to act fast! Rick’s report became our playbook, and in a matter of weeks we added virtual tours to our website, created digital connection points with prospective families, and partnered with North Star Marketing to capture leads and create content.

What did you like best about working with Rick Newberry?

Rick’s network was extremely helpful in that it provided tangible examples of how other schools were implementing—and succeeding with—his recommendations. Their willingness to share was encouraging and timesaving.

Describe specific programs from the Enrollment Catalyst Program that generated the biggest impact for your marketing and enrollment efforts:

I think the biggest impact for our team was recognition that we could not manage all our marketing efforts in house and that we needed to increase our advertising budget. The answer was a partnership with North Star Marketing, which led to lead generation and collateral content solutions. We also procured a CRM for our admissions team which has enabled us to be more effective and efficient with our prospective families.

What would you say to another school leader to recommend Rick Newberry to help them in their enrollment and marketing effort?

Rick’s Enrollment Catalyst Program is proven and doable. His presentation was very straightforward and plotted a clear course of action for our team.

Please provide any additional comments that you want to share:

Enrollment Catalyst is aptly named, as we generally knew what we needed to do, but Rick’s efforts catalyzed our team into action, his program provided us with a framework, and his network with resources and encouragement.

For more information on the Enrollment Catalyst Program, please reach out to Rick at Rick.Newberry@EnrollmentCatalyst.com or view the Enrollment Catalyst website.

(Pictured with the LCA Enrollment and Marketing Team (Adam is front and center!))











Pictured with Bill McGee, Head of School