Two Outstanding Events with Outstanding Results

One of the things I like best about working with schools across the country is that I get to see new ideas that actually work. Recently, I came across two great events that might help you in your enrollment and internal marketing effort.

Friend’s Day—At First Baptist Academy in Naples, FL, the school has a special “friend’s” day for current students to invite their friends to spend the day with them. They host two days when the public school is off for the day, one for the lower school and one for the upper grades. The goal is to encourage and motivate current students to focus on inviting their friends they want to encourage enrolling in the school, especially when students are key to the decision! The result: An increase in prospective students visiting campus with strong peer-to-peer influence to enroll.

Dads Make a Difference Day Celebration—As a vision of the Head of School at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School in Bradenton, FL, this special day was created to honor fathers of their students. The event begins with a light breakfast followed by an assembly in which performances by students and several tributes to fathers take place. This is a great event to connect fathers to the life of the school! The result: A “feel-good” event for fathers and reassurance that they are making a great investment in their child’s education.

Two outstanding events with outstanding results.