The Strategy that’s Becoming Irrelevant

One of the most common issues I hear discussed among school administrators today is becoming irrelevant: “How can I get my metro area newspaper to print more articles about our school?”

With newspaper circulations in decline and the editor’s attention on independent and faith-based schools next to the bottom of the pile, it is important to ask yourself if sending out endless press releases is really worth it.

Actually, I don’t think it is for most schools.

Instead, the focus should be on developing, writing and posting content on the web. You have countless opportunities right now to post articles and stories about your school on the web. Instead of sending out those press releases, your first post should be on your school’s website. You should be able to do his immediately if you are using a good content management system. From there, the story should be told on your Facebook page and blog.

If you tell your story on your school’s website, Facebook page and blog, you will accomplish much more than hoping for some editor to publish your story. Most importantly, your story will be published exactly the way you want it. And, your story will more than likely be read since it will directly reach your target audience.

It’s time for your school marketing staff to put away those old press release strategies (not totally) and focus your efforts on telling your story on the web.

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