A “No-Brainer” Marketing Strategy

Just the other day I was reading a newsletter from a school. In a short article, parents were encouraged to write online reviews about their experiences at this school. While the article did not suggest what they should say, the obvious hope was for parents to write postive reviews.

This makes sense.

Google, along with other search sites, allows for reviews to be written about your school. Google will also pull in reviews about your school that are on the web. At this point, it appears that Google places importance on the reviews written on GreatSchools.com and will feed them into web searches.

With the significance of these online reviews in searches performed by prospective parents, your strategy should be the same as this other school — to encourage some of your parents to write about your school on GreatSchools.com, Google and other sites.

It’s a simple and effective strategy (and it doesn’t cost you any money out of your limited budget!).

Really, this marketing strategy is a no-brainer!

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