Don’t be Caught Off Guard by an Online Review

Just recently I was working with a school and, as part of their marketing assessment, conducted on online review. In a Google search I found that the first review listed about their school was extremely negative.


Not exactly the kind of review the admissions director wanted prospective parents to read! The school’s leadership team did not realize that this kind of content about their school was available on the web for everyone to see.

You might not realize this, but Google will pull in online reviews from other sources when parents are conducting a search on your school. In fact, this review came directly from

It seems that Google places a high value on the reviews listed on Great Schools which makes these reviews very important for your web-based marketing strategy.

And, in today’s world of Internet, when anyone can say anything about your school and it is available for the world to see, it is critical for you to be aware of what’s being said.

That’s the first step in your web-based marketing strategy–to take a look at what’s out there on the Web about your school. For starters, look up your school on and then conduct a Google search. You might be surprised by what you find online.

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