The Mark of a Great School

Re-enrollment is the true test.

It’s when you begin to discover how satisfied and committed your current parents are to returning to your school for another year. It’s when you realize whether or not your school is great.

One of the marks of a great school is an overall retention rate of 90% or higher.

Your retention rate is an indicator of how satisfied your parents are with your school’s educational experience.

While families may have the ability to pay or to make the sacrifice to send their child to your school, the real issue comes down to their willingness. If they aren’t satisfied with their experience, they won’t be willing to pay even if they have the ability. They will walk out your door and through another school door in your community.

Keeping your current families enrolled is your number one priority. If your enrollment office looks like a revolving door bringing them in one year and then watching them leave the next, you have some definite issues to address.

Your number one strategy is your current parent’s satisfaction. If your parents are satisfied, they are more likely to remain enrolled and to make the sacrifice year after year. And when they stay, they tell their friends which will generate positive word-of-mouth and encourages new families to enroll – the best form of advertising you can never buy!

The good news is that you have about seven more months to work on re-enrollment and improving your parent’s satisfaction at your school.

When parents are very satisfied you will have a great school!