Why didn’t they know?

In the past few months I have conducted focus groups with parents and faculty at several schools across the country.

I asked all of them this question, “Do you know what the marketing and enrollment plan is for the school?”

Consistently, the parents, faculty and staff shared that they were not aware of the school’s plan nor were they aware if the leadership even had one.

Why didn’t they know the plan?

Isn’t it ironic that the primary messengers for spreading word-of-mouth for the school aren’t even aware of the plan or even if the leadership has one?

One of the most important steps that the school’s leadership must take is to communicate the marketing and enrollment plan to the parents, faculty and staff. Why? This communication will help them be aware of the plan and, as they understand it, they will better know how their role is critical to its success. They will also be motivated to work together to reach the goals of the plan.

Your faculty, staff and parents should never be in the dark about your plan. It’s time to share your marketing and enrollment plan (and if you don’t have one, it’s time to develop one!).