A “Purple Cow” in a “Brown Cow” World of Schools

Most schools are brown cows. They look just like the other school down the street and across town. They have teachers teaching in classrooms  with four walls. There are programs in the core subjects, athletic teams and drama productions. Everything looks and feels the same.

However, some schools do stand out. These are the schools that have the innovative and visionary leadership that work tirelessly and passionately to make the school remarkable and unique.

One of my favorite marketing books was written several years ago by Seth Godin, Purple Cow. Godin says, “Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting. It’s a Purple Cow. Boring stuff is invisible. It’s a brown cow” (page 3).

Earlier this week I spent several days on the campus of a school that is remarkable in so many ways. One way that clearly shines is their faculty. Their teachers are outstanding–with years of seasoned experience, a passionate love of learning and a commitment to provide the best learning experience for their students. For example, in the lower school there are two full-time certified teachers in every classroom. Think about it–two teachers in every class!

In a couple of conversations with faculty, one teacher said that he doesn’t even think about retirement even though he has been teaching students at this school for 46 years. And you know what? Students look forward to taking his classes. Think about it. If he began teaching at the school when he was 22 after college graduation, then that makes him at least 68 and he is still going strong!

Another teacher told a student, “I have given you my life here.”

And yet another teacher told the story of how she started a global partnership with another school in China. The school has already sent a group over to China ealier this year and later this Fall the school from China will come for a visit. The world for these students is much larger as a result of the vision of a single teacher.

Behind every classroom door is another story just like these. The school is comprised of great teachers pouring out their love for students in the classroom. And you know what? Their facilities are’nt what you would expect from one of the most expensive independent schools in the region. It just shows me that you can have a remarkable school if you invest first in the faculty!

This school has something to talk about. It has a story to tell.

It’s truly a remarkable school. (And this is only one of the areas that make it a remarkable school!)

What about your school? Is it remarkable? Or is just a “brown cow” in a “brown cow” world of schools?

It’s time to stand out. It’s time to be remarkable.

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