Grow Your Enrollment with the Right Content Marketing Strategies

Download our webinar to learn from Rudi Gesch about enrollment marketing content strategies that have already worked for Eastern Christian School. In the past five years, they’ve seen an overall enrollment increase of 18%. Their preschool program grew by 54% in their last cycle. Hear about how to build the right channel strategies, developing “age and stage” marketing collateral, ways to get the most out of video and photography in your marketing, and eight more practical strategies you can adopt at your school.

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About Rick Newberry
Rick Newberry, Ph.D., is the President of Enrollment Catalyst. Rick partners with school administrators to provide coaching and consulting in enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies, and solutions needed to reach their goals.
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10 Content Strategies (+1 Brand New One) Proven to Drive Enrollment Growth

Variable Tuition, Continuous Enrollment and Other Innovative Marketing Strategies

Rick Newberry consulting with School Administrators
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About Rudi Gesch
Rudi Gesch serves as the Director of Enrollment and Marketing Management at Eastern Christian School in Midland Park, NJ. With more than 13 years of admissions and enrollment experience, he is transforming their efforts to reach the next generation of Christian thinkers and students in their community.
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