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Rick Newberry, Ph.D., is the President of Enrollment Catalyst. Rick partners with school administrators to provide coaching and consulting in enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies, and solutions needed to reach their goals.        |      Phone: 727.647.0378        |      Copyright 2021 Enrollment Catalyst

 Learn How to Let Word-of-Mouth Drive Your School’s Recruitment & Enrollment


10 Key Ingredients
for Your School's New Family Recruitment Plan
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  • Build a Parent Ambassador network to expand your reach in the community

  • Save your team time and energy with a proven format for success

  • Strengthen your brand awareness through positive word of mouth

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A Proven Approach
to Marketing
for an 
Unpredictable Year 

Word-of-mouth marketing explained, why it works, and the 9 drivers of success

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How to launch a parent ambassador program and avoid common pitfalls
Training tools for schools who want to drive enrollment through authentic storytelling

"I am truly grateful for Rick’s wisdom, guidance and encouragement to launch our 'Friends Ambassador Network' (FAN) Program! This idea of harnessing the power of our parents, faculty and alumni who love the school by inviting them to be part of a special group who will promote the school was one I had thought about for years, but had never gotten off the ground. We were able to begin our FAN with 76 members in attendance at our launch meeting! 
Rick’s guidance was critical to our success!" 

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Lisa Dyer, Timothy Christian School