Best Practices in Recruitment and Re-Recruitment

During my travels, I enjoy connecting with school leaders and understanding their unique situation, challenges, and priorities in their marketing and enrollment effort. In fact, I am writing this blog post from Pensacola, FL, as I spend three days in focus group meetings and interviews at an independent school to help the leadership develop their strategic marketing and enrollment plan.

Through these meetings and site visits, I get to see a variety of private schools across the country and to learn from what they do best, as well as to understand their struggles.

Last week I had the opportunity to speak 12 times in three days at the RenWeb Power User’s Conference in Orlando on best practices in recruiting new families and re-recruiting current families. RenWeb is an excellent web-based administrative database and communication’s system for schools. As a result of this conference I have added over 100 new subscribers to my blog (thank you!).

I thought that you might be interested in taking a look at my presentations from the conference. You can download them here:

Many of the enrollment and marketing strategies I have discussed in this blog have been condensed in these presentations. Hopefully, these presentations will provide a framework for developing your plan.

As I move forward in writing about marketing and enrollment strategies that work for schools, I am definitely interested in hearing from you.

What is a best practice that you do really well at your school?

What works at your school that you can share with other school leaders?

I hope to write about one of your school’s best practice in one of my upcoming blog posts.