5 Key Concepts for Growing Your School’s Enrollment Marketing Team

I love football and the season that we are in now. With only a week before the Super Bowl, we can see how teams have performed and succeeded on the field. As it is in most sports, it takes an entire team of skilled players in the right positions working together to win the game.

Your school’s enrollment marketing team is no different. It takes a team that is dedicated to your enrollment marketing efforts in order to achieve your goals.

On Thursday, February 9, at 11am EST, Andy Lynch and I will begin a 7-part webinar series on Getting Real. We will discuss roles and responsibilities for your enrollment marketing team. The first webinar will focus on the foundational concepts for your team organization and structure. Whether you’re figuring out your first hire or sorting through the complexities of a multi-person team, you’ll want to join the Geeks for this challenging, timeliness conversation.

As a preview with some of our discussion points, let me share with you five key concepts for your school’s enrollment marketing team:

1–Implementing the right structure

While there are many models for setting up an enrollment marketing team, I believe the best approach is to align the enrollment and marketing roles and responsibilities in the same department. Marketing should not be part of the development department. Rather, marketing should be aligned with and focused on enrollment.

2–Involving the head of school

The head of school must be involved in the enrollment marketing effort. She or he provides the leadership to the team by sharing the vision, providing accountability, and securing resources. With most of your school’s revenue flowing through the enrollment department, it is critical for the head’s involvement.

3–Investing in the right positions and right people

Every school is different: From small to large, to low-priced to significant, to faith-based to independent, and so on. Whether you have one position, or many staff members dedicated to the enrollment marketing processes and strategies at your school, you must invest in the right positions with the right people in these seats.

4–Integrating the right focus

The enrollment and marketing strategies must be integrated with the right focus. You can’t have an enrollment strategy without marketing working to generate interest and leads. The two are integral and can’t be separated.

5–Implementing a team meeting and plan

Your enrollment marketing team must meet on a regular basis. I believe this frequency should be weekly and should involve the key players on your team—head of school, marketing staff, and enrollment staff. The purpose of the meeting is to review the results, align the team’s strategies, implement priorities, and provide accountability. A team must be focused on the goal so that the desired results can be achieved.

This is just a starter list of some of the key concepts of growing your enrollment marketing team. We will discuss much more during the upcoming Geeks webinar series. You can register here for the entire 7-part series.

Make sure you us for our first webinar on Thursday, February 9, at 11am EST. This will be a discussion by the Geeks that you will not want to miss.