16 Summer Social Media Posting Strategies for your School

Summer is here. The pace at your school has changed. Your halls and classrooms are empty.

However, there is always some activity on your campus. Summer camps. Maintenance projects. Administrative planning meetings. Admissions tours.

While the activity at your school has changed, the summer months can be more challenging to develop content to post on your social media channels. It is still important to make sure you continue to tell your school’s story online. Even though your families are on vacation, they aren’t on vacation from social media.

School leaders that I coach through my Enrollment Catalyst program often ask me what to post during the summer. I have two types of suggested posting strategies that I would like to share with you.

Captured Moments of School Life

You will want to make sure you are capturing the activity at your school during the summer. The following are some examples of captured moments you can include in social media:

  1. Empty hallway – “While the halls are empty, we are working hard to prepare for a new school year.”
  2. Progress of maintenance and school improvement projects.
  3. Administrative team meeting.
  4. Teacher working in her classroom.
  5. Summer camp.
  6. Athletic team workout.
  7. Delivery of new curriculum, school supplies, spirit wear, etc.
  8. Board meeting or retreat.
  9. Summer staff members working in their respective office.
  10. Anyone visiting campus (parent, alumnus, faculty).

Summer Storytelling Campaigns

In addition, you can continue to implement storytelling campaigns in the summer. I believe storytelling campaigns provide a framework for your posting strategy. The following are six social media campaigns that you can implement at your school this summer:

  1. A Year in Review – Look back on this past year and choose 15 posts, events and activities that were highlights from the year. Then, repost these in a campaign to highlight a year in review.
  2. 31 Reasons Parents Choose Your School – Post 31 different reasons why parents choose your school during the months of July or August. Each post should include an image with text overlayed with the number and the reason.
  3. New Faculty and Staff Members – Introduce new faculty, and staff members to your community through separate posts. Each post could feature a quote from the new hire highlighting why they are looking forward to working at your school. Make sure you include a personal or professional picture of the faculty and staff member. You could link this to their profile page on your school’s website.
  4. 31 Alumni Making a Difference – Highlight 31 stories of your alumni who are making a difference in the world. This campaign will be the most challenging to put together. However, with a simple email request, a short online form for them to complete and the picture provided from the alumnus, you will be well on your way.
  5. Mascot on the Move – Develop a campaign that uses your mascot on the move to different areas of your community. For example, you could take a picture of your mascot in a specific area and ask your followers to guess the location or even to show up for a special prize. You could also have a campaign that features a unique location gathering with your mascot every week (for example: Chick-fil-A, park playground, community pool, shopping mall, etc.).
  6. Countdown to the First Day of School – As the first day of school approaches, you will want to have a social media campaign to countdown the days. Typically, a 15 to 20-day campaign works well. You can feature a different individual or group every day holding up a sign to feature the numbers of days remaining to the start of school. This is a great way to feature a variety of people from your community looking forward to another great year!

These posting strategies will help you have a robust focus on your social media channels this summer. Your intentional posts will help to keep your parents engaged with your school as you anticipate another school year.