Sharing Social Media Love for Your School in February

I believe that one of the best ways to market your school is through stories.

Think about it. All of life is a series of continuous stories that build upon one another.

We live in a story. We relate to stories. We love to listen to stories. And, we can see ourselves in a story.

Everyone loves a good story. Whether it is a story about what happened in the last few minutes of a football game (like the last several playoff games) or a life-changing story about your spouse, career, or children, we all have stories to tell.

Stories can take many different formats and can be shared in a variety of campaigns.

During my coaching meetings, I guide school leaders to consider social media storytelling campaigns that they can implement throughout the year. A storytelling campaign is actually a framework that guides your posting strategy for that month or a specific time period.

February is a great time to implement a storytelling campaign to share love for your school. This can be centered around Valentine’s Day on February 14 as you focus on this theme throughout the month.

“Why I love my school” Campaign

Your goal is to post daily throughout the month by sharing an individual or small group answering the question, “Why do you love about  _____ school?” You can also ask this question in other ways (e.g. “I love my school because ________”). This is a simple campaign strategy that has been replicated by schools I have partnered with over the years.

This idea can take the form of many directions. A quote could be used to feature an individual’s response to the question along with their picture. You could give a child a dry erase board and ask them to write or draw out their response. Then, take a picture of the child with their sign and use this as the post. Or, you could utilize a video vignette featuring individuals sharing why they love your school.

You can also provide a graphic that you can give to your parents to share on their own Facebook or Instagram account. When you share this graphic with them, you can ask them to share why they love your school. This will be an organic post that originates on their own social media account.

This is just one example of a monthly storytelling campaign that you can implement on your school’s social media channels.

I have shared many examples of these campaigns on my Enrollment Catalyst Facebook Page. If you are interested in seeing these, you can view my page.

Are you sharing a “Why I love my school” Campaign this month?

(Examples from Ben Lippen School, Westminster Catawba Christian School, Vacaville Christian School and Kelly Catholic High School)

































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