Webinar: Solving for Search and Social – Online School Marketing Campaigns that Generate Leads

Parents continually tell me that the primary ways they learn about a school is through word of mouth and online search. Word of mouth and online marketing should be the key strategies in your plan.

When a parent learns about your school from a friend, they will conduct an online search to learn more. Or, if they haven’t heard anything from a friend, they will search online by using keywords to discover schools near them.

In our digital world today, online marketing is essential for school leaders to embrace and implement.

Recently, I have had several conversations about online marketing with school leaders. These directors are investing in paid search and social media advertising campaigns, which is a very critical step to take.

However, when I asked them if the campaigns were generating real names of real leads, do you know what their response was?  They said that the campaigns were creating a lot of clicks and web traffic. What about leads? They said they didn’t know and the tracking wasn’t in place to identify leads.

Just because a company says that they can run your online marketing campaign doesn’t mean that they are the best choice for your investment. The proof is in the results and in the leads that are produced.

Online campaigns, if implemented correctly, should generate leads. After all, this is what you are paying for from your limited marketing budget.

Are you utilizing online paid marketing campaigns in your school’s lead generation efforts?

Are your paid campaigns generating real leads for admissions?

If you’ve been considering ramping up your digital advertising game, or if you’re spending money online but not seeing a tangible return, you’ll want to tune in for this free webinar. This is the fourth webinar in the Enrollment Marketing Spring Training Series sponsored by Enrollment Catalyst and North Star Marketing.

Clark Morgan and Laura Eisenga from North Star Marketing will lead the discussion in this free webinar. Clark is the Chief Operations Officer (I refer to him as the “Guru of Online Marketing”) and Laura is an Educational Marketing Manager. They will provide an overview of the major categories of digital marketing, help you understand which channels work best, and give you some pointers on how to track results.

Webinar: Solving for Search and Social – Online Campaigns that Generate Leads

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Time: 1pm EDT

Presented by Clark Morgan and Laura Eisenga, North Star Marketing



If you haven’t registered for today’s webinar (4/12 at 1pm EDT) with Rudi Gesch on “Leading with Lead Goals: A Practical Strategic Framework That Makes Overwhelming Enrollment Goals Suddenly More Doable,” you can register now to attend live or view the recording.

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