The Impact of Governance and Leadership on School Growth

What impact does your board and head of school have on growth?

How important is leadership to driving school growth?

Leadership is a key ingredient for school growth. The board and the head of school are instrumental in leading a school to grow.

Unfortunately, I have seen many poor examples in schools. Several years ago, I worked with a school that experienced significant growth through my Enrollment Catalyst Program. However, the following year, the board decided to restructure the leadership and let go the head administrator of a growing and thriving school. What the board believed to be a good decision in their isolated meeting room, resulted in turmoil and significant enrollment decline for the school community. This school has had difficulty recovering from this board-led decision.

While I could tell many stories, both good and bad, from my experiences, it is clear that strong enrollment for an independent or faith-based school clearly point to effective and visionary leadership.

This is such an important topic that I invited Dr. William Mott to join me on my next live show. Not only is Bill the leading authority on governance issues for independent and faith-based schools as well as an author of three books on this critical topic, he is also the head of school at Providence Christian Academy in Murfreesboro, TN, and a consultant.

In his role as consultant, Bill has worked with Mr. Hugh Harris, head of school at Franklin Christian Academy in TN. Bill and Hugh have worked together on a couple of capital campaigns. Bill has also provided a training retreat for the Franklin Christian Academy’s board of trustees. Hugh asked Bill to provide this training as a proactive way to focus on best-practices of governance and their role in leading the school.

Both Dr. Bill Mott and Mr. Hugh Harris will be my guests on my live school on Thursday, August 6, from 12-1pm EDT. We will focus our discussion on the impact of governance and leadership on school growth. This will be a discussion you will not want to miss.

Live Show Date: Thursday, August 6, from 12-1pm EDT

Topic: “The Impact of Governance and Leadership on School Growth”

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