Learn How to Launch Your School’s Live Show and Webinar Series

Content marketing continues to be a key inbound marketing strategy. In my recent blog post, I outlined 15 inbound marketing strategies and asked if you were all in.

Let me help you to be “all in” in 2020-21.

One of the biggest challenges is for school leaders to develop content, especially videos that are part of the marketing effort.

Join me on Thursday, June 18, at 12pm EDT, on my next Live Show. Instead of interviewing guests this week, I will use this show to discuss two key strategies that you should implement now and during the 2020-21 school year. This will be a live training session.

Most schools aren’t using live interviews on Facebook or webinars to reach families. During this Live Show, I will strongly recommend that you launch these online strategies to expand your online reach. And, I will show you how you can launch these two strategies.

1. Launch Your School’s Live Show

Did you know that a live broadcast will exponentially expand your school’s online reach? During the first half of this live training, I will discuss the steps you need to take to launch your own Live Show on Facebook and YouTube. I will discuss the tools, content strategies, and exact steps you can take to implement this live video strategy. I will also feature how several schools that I am working with have recently launched their school’s live show.

2. Launch Your School’s Webinar Series

You have probably watched many webinars online, especially in recent months. Have you considered that a webinar series can effectively reach current and prospective parents? Are webinars part of your marketing strategy? We will discuss the tools, content strategies and the exact steps you can take to implement a webinar series at your school.

This Live Show will be very practical. I will discuss the specific steps you need to take to implement a Live Show and a Webinar Series as part of your school’s marketing strategy.

Plan to join me on Facebook Live!

You can like my Enrollment Catalyst Facebook page and then you will receive a notification when I am live. You can also go to the page at 12pm EDT on Thursday. In case you missed my previous Live Shows, you can watch the recordings on my YouTube Channel.

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