Inbound, Paid Search and Messaging – Optimizing Your Lead Generation Strategy for Summer

While there are many uncertainties about the next school year, it is important to continue to pivot and to adjust. This includes the continued adjustments that must be made in the enrollment and marketing effort.

It is important that you don’t reduce your marketing budget. Instead, you will need to make sure that you are spending your resources in the most effective ways to generate the enrollment results you need. Your priority should be on word of mouth and inbound marketing strategies.

As the pandemic extends into the summer months, schools need to continue adapting their online marketing strategies to reach families at home.

Join me on my next Live Show on Thursday, May 28, at 12pm EDT. I will host three guests from North Star Marketing to dig into this important topic:

  • Andy Lynch, President & CEO
  • Clark Morgan, COO
  • Kaleen Goodeill, Education Marketing Manager

The North Star team will walk through a visualization of the buyer journey and provide key insights for mapping out your lead generation initiatives during the crucial summer months.

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