Live Show with the Portsmouth Christian Academy Team – May 14

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Thursday, May 14, at 12pm EDT – “Portsmouth Christian Academy – Stories and Strategies”

In the fall of 2017, Elaina Russo, Director of Admissions at Portsmouth Christian Academy in Dover, NH, contacted me to discuss their situation and needs. Their enrollment had experienced decline for several years and the team needed a plan to grow their school. Fast-forward two years, and the enrollment is increasing and turnaround is taking place. At the start of the 2019-20 school year, the enrollment grew by 4%. In addition, the school experienced 13% growth in new student enrollment and a 5% increase in retention.

This growth and turnaround hasn’t come easy. It has resulted from the successful implementation of an enrollment and marketing plan which included a focus on word of mouth and inbound marketing strategies. In addition, the staff successfully launched Variable Tuition two years ago. You will learn about these strategies as well as their expanded staff and the commitment from their new head of school. PCA has an impressive team that has worked tirelessly and I know you will enjoy this interview.

Plan to join me live to hear firsthand from the Portsmouth Christian Academy enrollment and marketing team:

  • Hannah Jurius, Enrollment Marketing Manager
  • Elaina Russo, Director of Admissions
  • Mike Runey, Head of School

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