Free On-Demand Webinar – Optimizing Your Recruitment and Retention Messaging for a Virtual World

In this season, your messaging is extremely important. Think about it. Your website, your digital ads, your social media content…all of it points prospects to an on-campus experience. This experience is not a reality for you or prospective families during a global pandemic. So how do you pivot your messaging for a virtual world?

I asked my longtime friend Andy Lynch, President & CEO of North Star Marketing, to help us think through this important challenge. Through his Message Workshop process, Andy has helped many schools across the country to refine their messaging for specific ages and stages. 

In this free, on-demand webinar, “Optimizing Your Recruitment and Retention Messaging for a Virtual World,” Andy talks about: 

  • Common mistakes schools make in messaging (especially right now)
  • How to identify and shape key themes into a relevant, compelling narrative
  • And how to apply your narrative to high-priority channels that drive qualified interest right now

These are core concepts that can increase our effectiveness now and provide clarity for how to reshape our messaging when the world gets back to normal.

As an added bonus, you’ll learn about ReSearch, a pre-built lead-generation campaign North Star Marketing has developed to help schools quickly transition their digital marketing for a virtual world.

Ready to sharpen your messaging?