Webinar: The Role of the Head in Leading School Growth

Dennis Chapman just recently completed his first year as Head of School at The Village School of Naples, FL. I have known Dennis for many years and have followed his successful educational leadership journey. I had the opportunity to work with Dennis and his team this past year in my Enrollment Catalyst Program.

During this interview style webinar, you will learn how Dennis led the 10% enrollment turnaround at The Village School of Naples, FL. He will also discuss the role of the head in leading school growth. You can also learn more about this story of growth on my website.

After successfully leading The New School in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Dennis moved to southwest Florida to become the head of school at The Village School. When he arrived as Head in 2018-19, his school’s retention rate had dipped below 80%, the number of new students had declined, and overall enrollment was down 7%. The marketing efforts were in their infancy. During his first year at TVS, Dennis worked with his team to intentionally focus on enrollment growth.

The result? 10% enrollment growth in one year! Dennis will share the strategies he and his team implemented as well as his critical role of leading this growth.

Title: The Role of the Head in Leading School Growth

Presenter: Dennis Chapman, Head of School at The Village School of Naples

Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Time: 1:00-2:00pm EDT




Also, if you haven’t registered for Dr. William Mott’s webinar on Thursday, October 10, please register now. Bill will discuss the connection between school growth and healthy boards. Both webinars promise to showcase the key leadership roles of the school board and head of school in school growth. You will not want to miss either webinar (both webinars will be recorded and available to anyone who registers).


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