Free Webinar: Variable Tuition, Continuous Enrollment and Other Innovative Marketing Strategies

Have you heard about Variable Tuition and the impact it has on breaking through the price barrier and increasing enrollment?

Have you considered implementing Continuous Enrollment to change the parent message from opt-in to opt-out?

Are you telling your school’s brand story in a creative way?

Are you interested in growing your school’s enrollment?

These are just a few of the strategic questions and innovative strategies that will be discussed during this webinar.

Dr. Rick Newberry will team up with Susan Crawford, Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management, to present this webinar from both a best-practice perspective as well as school-specific examples from the enrollment success at Cascade Christian Schools in Puyallup, WA. Rick will share his best-practice perspective on these strategies and Susan will discuss how she has implemented them successfully at Cascade Christian Schools.

Register today for this free webinar. Even if you can’t attend live, a recording will be sent to everyone that registers after the webinar.

Webinar: Variable Tuition, Continuous Enrollment and Other Innovative Strategies

Date: Thursday, June 20

Time: 1pm EDT