Campion Academy Partners with Enrollment Catalyst

In March, Dr. Rick Newberry had the opportunity to begin his Enrollment Catalyst Program with the team at Campion Academy in Loveland, CO.

Campion Academy is a boarding and day high school and primarily educates students from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The school started in 1907 and today enrolls just over 150 students.

The school offers a unique program that allows students to work on campus during the morning or afternoon and then take classes during the other half of the day. Students earn money that is then applied directly to their tuition bill.

Please welcome the team from Campion Academy to Enrollment Catalyst: Sherry Hay, Registrar; Jessica Rios, Recruiter; Sue Helm, Administrative Assistant/Admissions; Dean Helm, VP for Finance; and Don Reeder, Principal.

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