How to Use Webinars and eBooks to Attract New Families to Your School


Brendan Schneider Webinar2

Let’s face it, the Web has significantly changed how we recruit families to our schools. While some admissions and marketing directors have embraced this change, many are still focusing on traditional advertising strategies hoping prospective parents will respond. However, these strategies rarely generate the results that we want.

This is one of the reasons why Brendan Schneider stands out in his work at Sewickley Academy and at SchneiderB.

When the recession hit all of our schools several years ago, Brendan made the decision to utilize the Web and inbound marketing to reach prospective families for his school.

I have heard Brendan share this story several times as we have connected at conferences. Brendan is always willing to try new inbound marketing strategies and to share his journey with others. I appreciate his friendship and willingness to share.

Recently, Brendan has been using content strategies through webinars and eBooks to generate interest from prospective parents in Sewickley Academy. I have asked him to share this story and insights as a way to inspire you to consider these strategies at your school in an upcoming free webinar:

“How to Use Webinars and eBooks to Attract New Families to Your School”

Presented by Brendan Schneider, Director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy

1pm EDT on Thursday, August 18

In this webinar, Brendan will explain how to use webinars and eBooks to attract new families to your school.

I know that you will not want to miss this free webinar. Please click on the link below to register now. If you can’t attend live, you can still register and a link to view the recording will be sent to you after the webinar is completed.

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