Baylor School Sets a New Standard for Websites


I really love Baylor School’s new website.

Designed by Finalsite, the website design features a parallax scrolling format that allows for more content, storytelling and marketing messages on the homepage.

The website recently won an honorable mention award by AVA Digital Awards. According to the news article on the Baylor School website, Bernard Fertal, Director of Interactive Media at the school, says that “When we set out to completely revamp our website, our goal was to create something truly reflective of Baylor’s leadership mission — a website which would capture and communicate the many facets of this amazing place.”

Recently, while speaking at a Finalsite workshop in Naples, I highlighted this website. It is an amazing website that tells the story of an amazing school.

There are nine things that I love about this website and five lessons that every school should apply to their website. In part one of this two-part blog series, I will share with you nine things I love about Baylor School’s website:

9 Things I Love About the Baylor School’s Website

1.  From top to bottom, the homepage tells a story about Baylor School. The homepage leads the viewer through the process of discovery by focusing on the Baylor Leads messaging. The viewer is able to capture an understanding that Baylor Leads, Prepares, Inspires, Welcomes and Wins.

2.  The homepage allows for at least 10 scrolling news stories featuring photos and text. With this dynamic content area, Baylor is able to feature the latest news about its programs and people.

3.  Just after the news section, the website clearly communicates their identity and the students the school is trying to reach: “Baylor is a coed, day and boarding college prep school for grades 6-12.” In addition, an overview video captures the interest of the viewer.

4.  The Baylor Prepares section utilizes key infographics to highlight graduation stats as well as a scrolling list of college choices.

5.  To capture the story of how Baylor Inspires, the viewer can watch videos about their campus and classes. In addition, the viewer can meet the faculty by reading their online biographies.

6.  Stories of student life are captured in the section featuring middle school students answering the question, “Why Baylor School?” Through engaging photos, quotes and a day in the life of a middle school student, the school is brought to life through the perspectives of students.

7.  The spirit of the school’s athletic program is showcased in an emotionally appealing video. The viewer can’t help but to see and feel that Baylor is a school that excels at winning.

8.  Once the viewer has scrolled down the homepage, three call-to-actions are provided to ask the prospective parent or student to take the next step—Request More Info, Come Visit, or Apply Now.

9.  And if you thought that you’ve seen all that Baylor School has to offer, the bottom of the website includes a link to a page of photos—photos that help to tell the story of the school in a visually compelling way.

This is an exceptional school website. Both Baylor School and Finalsite are to be commended for this website design. This website sets a new standard for school website designs.

What do you like about the Baylor School website?

What can you apply from Baylor School to your school’s website?