12 Strategies to Keep Current Families Enrolled and Grow Your School {Free eBook}

The Big Dilemma

When it comes to creating a coherent school marketing strategy, many schools struggle with where to begin. They want to boost enrollment, retain current families and encourage them to recommit to their school the following year. In other words, they want it all! But how do they get it?

The Simple Solution

Parents will come to a school for the promise of an exceptional educational community and they will stay because they can’t imagine finding anything better anywhere else. As more families come (and stay) enrolled at your school, you will see healthy, sustained growth through little more than a dedicated parent base, strong retention and positive word-of-mouth.

Strong parent satisfaction and a high retention rate are critical for your word-of-mouth marketing strategy.


While this philosophy is simple, creating and executing a successful school marketing strategy is not. That’s why I have created this free e-book to help schools kickstart their school’s strategy to keep current families enrolled. After all, if you can’t keep current parents enrolled, it will be very difficult and costly for you to recruit new families to your school.

private school marketingDownload 12 Strategies to Keep Current Families Enrolled and Grow Your School HERE!

The strategies outlined in this free e-book include:

  1. Enlist a retention champion and include everyone in the effort
  2. Focus on the transition grades
  3. Internal marketing during re-enrollment
  4. Grade your families
  5. Conduct an annual satisfaction survey
  6. Reach out “one family at a time”
  7. Roll out the red carpet
  8. Send personal notes
  9. Tell real stories
  10. Coffee and conversation
  11. State of the School address
  12. Create community connections

To learn more about these strategies, click here to download your free copy of 12 Strategies to Keep Current Families Enrolled and Grow Your School.

Once you have finished reading this e-book, feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.  You may even have a successful story or retention strategy that you’ve implemented that I can add to a future revision of this e-book. I want to hear what you think about these strategies and if they’ve worked at your school. Happy reading!

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