13% Enrollment Growth at The Canterbury School of FL

Last year Mac Hall, head of school at The Canterbury School of Florida, contacted Dr. Rick Newberry, President of Enrollment Catalyst, to discuss his private school’s enrollment and marketing challenges. As a private, Episcopal school, Canterbury provides an outstanding college prep education for students in St. Petersburg, FL.

However, for the past several years, the school has experienced a decline in their enrollment. In 2007-08 the school’s enrollment reached a high of 428 students and then began its decline to its low of 381 students in 2011-12. This enrollment decline occurred during the same period when other private schools were negatively affected by the economic turmoil. Obviously this created concern for the leadership as they wanted a strategy to turn around their declining enrollment.

During the first month in the Enrollment Catalyst Program, Dr. Newberry conducted a comprehensive assessment of their enrollment and marketing strategies and results. In addition, he conducted interviews and focus groups with the administrative team, board, faculty, as well as current and new parents.

As a result of this research process, he presented his findings and recommendations in a strategic enrollment and marketing plan to the leadership team. Then, Dr. Newberry provided weekly coaching to help the enrollment and marketing team implement the recommendations in the report. 

The results? The school turned around its enrollment decline and grew from 381 students to 430 students—nearly 13% growth in one year! While this growth did include the addition of a new program for 3-year olds in their preschool which resulted in 15 new students, the increased enrollment has been created the momentum the school needs to continue on this trend.

Read what Mac Hall, Canterbury’s head of school, said about the Enrollment Catalyst Program 

“Rick brings a level of professionalism and institutional knowledge to the independent school enrollment management field that is irreplaceable in the marketplace. His blend of experience, expertise and commitment to private school education is a valuable ally for schools of all sizes.

Like many private schools, we were facing stagnate enrollment and difficulty navigating the changing face of content marketing. It was clear that if we didn’t make some changes we’d face more serious challenges. After our Advancement team began working with Rick and implementing his marketing recommendations and strategies, positive things began to happen almost immediately! Not only did we meet our enrollment and retention goals, we exceeded them! I highly recommend Rick at Enrollment Catalyst to meet your admissions and marketing needs.” 

To find out how Enrollment Catalyst can help your school extend its reach, grow enrollment and recommit your current parent base, contact Rick Newberry at Rick.Newberry@EnrollmentCatalyst.com.

About Enrollment Catalyst and Rick Newberry 

Enrollment Catalyst partners with schools across the United States and Canada to provide coaching and consulting in enrollment management and marketing systems, strategies and solutions. The program is designed to provide school leaders with effective marketing and enrollment growth strategies as well as staff accountability, direction and results needed to grow enrollment.

Enrollment Catalyst President and Consultant Dr. Rick Newberry has 25 years of educational leadership experience in both higher education and K-12 levels, and has served as the executive director of development and enrollment management at a private university, as well as head of a large private school. Rick regularly writes in his blog at www.enrollmentcatalyst.com/blog and presents at many educational conferences around the country.